Rhizohm Records, Home of the mad, is an indie music label created by LaDruj, F De Moor’nt, Far Off, Apt 1028 and TheLych in 2012. It took finally two years to really make it a reality now in 2014.

The label focus mainly on this large field of electronic music.
Home of the artists Far Off, Sonoik Dubya, Apt 1028 and TheLych.

As a new comer in this strange market place, we do not expect anything but make some fun, do please people with that music (whenever possible) or do some currency in that modern slavery market.

The Modern Slavery - copyright charles picasso 2014


Rhizohm Records, the name of this label, is of course after the Rhizome (Philosophy) concept developed by Deleuze and Guattary. And strangely Ohm was choosen after the Lunar crater on the far side of the Moon, a blink to another Dark Side of it.